Our Safety Philosophy

Our employees are our most valuable asset. The welfare, personal, and professional development of our employees drive IQ Contracting to achieve the following two principal goals:

  • Provide quality concrete construction services while providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.
  • Safeguard the quality and integrity of our work environment for other trades people, our clients, and the public we serve.

Our Commitment To Safety In Action

IQ Contracting is committed to providing an injury and sickness free work environment for all of our employees. We believe every accident is preventable and avoidable by practicing construction within IQ’s safety culture environment. IQ’s general safety philosophy is documented and outlined by our Comprehensive Safety Management Program which is led by IQ’s President, managed by IQ’s Corporate Safety Manager, and implemented by IQ’s Project Managers, Superintendents and Field Employees. IQ’s safety culture and environment is maintained through specific components such as:

  • Pre-employment screening and training
  • Post-employment training programs (job-specific)
  • Safety and hazard identification plans (job-specific)
  • Pre-work safety awareness and hazard management huddle meetings (daily)
  • Random corporate safety inspections (weekly)
  • Project safety audits and performance evaluations (weekly)


The above-noted incident preventive processes are complemented by IQ’s incident management practices that include the following:

  • Immediate incident investigation and remediation
  • Incident related (and random) drug testing
  • Accessible medical care
  • Flexible return to work policy
  • Comprehensive claims management


IQ’s safety goals are achieved through the work of all employees in very close and cooperative relationships with our clients, medical field professionals, and IQ insurance providers. As a result IQ Contracting has an environment where achieving an excellent safety and health record is not just a goal, but has become a way of life.

Our Safety Features To Benefit Employees And Clients

  • IQ’s Safety Management Program is led by the Company President.
  • Company President maintains an OSHA 500 “Authorization-Trainer” Card
  • IQ Safety Corporate Manager holds a OSHA 30-Hour Card
  • IQ Project Managers and Superintendents hold an OSHA 10-Hour Card for Construction.
  • IQ Supervisors hold both First Aid and CPR Card
  • IQ provides site-specific safety and hazard management plans
  • IQ conducts daily safety awareness and hazard identification huddle meetings
  • IQ performs weekly internal safety audits