Achieving Infrastructure Quality through Engineered Concrete Construction

Conventional Concrete Construction for Buildings
including conventional or architectural applications

Civil Construction
including bridges, headwalls, culverts and other concrete structures

Concrete Restoration, Rehabilitation and Repair
including assessments of existing structures

IQ Contracting was founded to provide a high quality of work, with a primary focus on jobsite safety, a commitment to meeting schedules, and a high degree of professionalism. Since 2004, IQ has grown steadily, providing concrete contracting on a larger and more varied scale. Today IQ employs over 80 people working everyday on projects that vary tremendously, but generally can be described as either conventional concrete services, civil concrete services, or concrete repair and restoration. We still work for most of the same clients we started with in 2004, we still will do the small jobs that need to get done, and we still do quality work on time and within budget.

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